Direct Marketing & Fundraising Services

American Marketing working together with you as partners in marketing, helps you unleash your potential by building a strong following that remains loyal and generous year after year – fundamental to success for any organization!

Consultation/Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and analysis are the heart of a successful marketing program, providing a roadmap for your activities and a standard to measure results and ongoing evaluation. Effective branding, market and message positioning, and and strategy development are continually evaluated to craft the most effective means of meeting your goals. American Marketing is an expert at pulling together goals, timelines, budgets and assignments into a unified message and marketing plan that stakes out a clear path to your bright future - maximizing revenue and long-term customer loyalty.

Prospecting & List Services

Acquiring new donors/customers is an investment in your future. American Marketing has the insight, expertise and ability to hone the art and science of customer acquisition to identify and reach your target audience. We work towards generating quality donors/customers that keep giving year after year. We offer full service list brokerage and management services. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in list serves help you finely target your best audience.


American Marketing puts together the perfect creative mix from our large talent pool to meet your individual needs. Our innovative team of creative directors, copywriters, photographers, videographers, web and graphic designers -experienced in a wide range of media- will bring fresh insights into your marketing to achieve the optimum results. Your American Marketing creative team will provide that inspiration and innovation to your message so it's tailor-made for each of your audiences and then craft the content look and feel so your prospects and customers take action.


With a clear strategic plan in place and the creative ready to go, American Marketing brings all the piece together to launch your successful marketing efforts. Each campaign is developed to yield information to further enhance your marketing to reach and exceed your short term and long term goals. Our production experts have negotiated some of the best prices in the industry and protect your interest by going the extra mile for a perfect fit thus giving you price without sacrificing quality or service. Let us be your guide, safely steering you to the best rates and placement for your marketing message.

Analysis - Long Term

American Marketing has a wealth of experience working with nonprofit organizations and for profits. Whether you need to expand your membership or increase contributions/sales from existing clients, we can help. Through continual analysis of results and flexible, quick response to current developments, we enhance your direct marketing programs. We understand how to combine the best online - including social networking, email, web - and offline programs - including acquisition and donor/customer development - to generate an efficient and cost -effective means of customer bonding, continuing communication and financial support.